04-10-10 07:13 AM
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  1. vblakk's Avatar
    i'll give it a Try
    Please send me the link for the gucci and damier theme at: vaygezblakk@gmail.com

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    08-14-09 05:50 AM
  2. willheath21's Avatar
    hey angie add me on bb
    04-09-10 09:52 AM
  3. dannieloco's Avatar
    ^^ lmfao.. angie doesnt come online as much anymore....

    and if she added u on bb, she'd need ur pin, DOH
    04-09-10 01:22 PM
  4. glizabea's Avatar
    I can see paying for a REQUESTED theme, but not one that you did for fun. Just my opinion.
    Very true. I make a couple of themes for myself and am willing to share it for free. I won't make a theme just for fun and charge people just so they could use it. More so, I won't charge a theme that's not 100% original -- in terms of graphics and icons.
    04-10-10 07:13 AM
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