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    So I was going to post this in the request but its to huge for a post so if everybody else can start a new thread I feel after 200+ post so can I!

    So I really dig all the themes that this site has to offer and appreciate all the work that goes into making this community happy! On that, I will rock a theme for a couple days but somehow always find myself going to a true bb zen theme with the oem icons! I would like to see a stock zen theme with a hidden today! A custom battery meter*(the stock is whack)*, a weather slot at the top like dmacs stock today with weather! A couple of small icons in the banner like the beberry theme which helps like putting 3 of em profiles, options, and whatever. I would also like the wifi and bluetooth icons to be like the ones attached. Please get with me if you would like to pull this off because I think it could be one of the dopest stock themes crackberry has seen! Pics attached for the ideas that I am speaking of!

    D-Mac Stock weather(weather slot ideal)

    BeBerry's 3 small icons in banner

    Wifi and Bluetooth Icons

    I also like kscrums new battery icon in his berrybump me theme! maybe it would be to much for a stock bb theme though with extras! I really think this could be the one wallpaper friendly and all! Kscrum, emarsha and all have to come through on this calaberation! Kscrum the hidden today with the sms preview and all!!!! Let me know!
    07-22-09 09:11 PM
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    nothing?? oh well it was worth a shot
    07-24-09 07:03 PM