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    hi there all, i have been making themes for quite a few months now, however i have just been informed that some of my (and others) themes are being posted on other forums, which hasnt been agreed or more to the point i havent even been contacted (i expect the same for all others too) so from right now i have removed all themes from my server, but i shall however be placing them on Mobihands SECURE site (available through shopcrackberry.com) and then placing the links to them in the posts affected.

    firstly i would like to appologise to all for any inconvience this may cause, and i hope there wont be much of a break in availability of themes, but i feel as its my own hard work going into these themes i should have control over which sites post them (i.e only sites, such as CB that i trust)

    if you find any dead links in any of my theme posts, please PM me with the post, and i shall endeavour to get it sorted, as im sure i`ll end up missing a theme or two

    once again i can only appologise for this, but point the finger squarely who rip off others work. also a great thanks goes to forum member mrtolles for pointing this all out to me

    10-09-09 03:39 PM
  2. dannieloco's Avatar
    Hey Dave, I feel your pain. This sort of shizz happens all the time
    10-09-09 05:13 PM
  3. BBThemes's Avatar
    Hey Dave, I feel your pain. This sort of shizz happens all the time
    what makes it more infuriating for me is a) just bought a larger hosting package, and b) the theme- the HTC one, its FREE what kind of moron needs to nick a FREE item, i mean really????
    10-09-09 05:22 PM