1. x_Goddess_x's Avatar
    Everytime I try to login to YIM on my BB, it looks like this

    On my old Nokia slider, the YIM worked perfectly fine! What's the deal? How do I fix this?
    05-30-09 12:54 PM
  2. exelant's Avatar
    I'll assume you have signed in and that you have a data plan. Try registering your device and doing a battery pull - open options>advanced options, select host routing table, press the menu key and select register now. you can also open options>mobile network and make sure it's set to on.
    05-30-09 01:02 PM
  3. x_Goddess_x's Avatar
    It said, Registration message sent. Now what?
    05-30-09 01:13 PM
  4. Username00089's Avatar
    It said, Registration message sent. Now what?
    Try again...
    05-30-09 02:42 PM
  5. Acelx's Avatar
    i see this problem mostly on unlocked blackberrys i think you should try what exelant said and then send your service books.. it could help
    05-30-09 02:49 PM