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    I always use my bb in my pocket and sometime when I take it out its like turned off, and in a standby mode, what does that mean? Can I receive calls when in standby? How do I remove that feature? Thanks.

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    07-16-09 04:47 PM
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    Search works...woohoo.


    Standby Mode turns off a load of things in the phone and makes the CPU go to sleep. The keyboard is shut off (locked if you like but with no CPU, it's dead), the screen is blanked and minimal power is used. Your Out Of Holster Profile settings are in operation. When in Standby, calls, SMS, emails, Calender reminders, Alarms etc all come in to your phone and it will wake up, ring, allow you to take the call and then goes back into Standby.
    07-16-09 04:51 PM
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    Yes it is a really good feature to use when needed.
    07-16-09 05:05 PM
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    I don't believe you can shut it off.... But you can control when it goes in to standby mode!

    Do you hold down the mute key?

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    07-16-09 05:12 PM
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    thanks a lot
    07-16-09 07:47 PM