1. pixeleyes's Avatar
    I just bought BlackBerry Curve 8900.

    I am so wonder my friend have Nokia E-71 and his mobile have

    more features than BlackBerry 8900.

    E71 Connectivity speed is faster than BB 8900.

    Also E71 is compatiable with Flash player but BB-8900 not support Flash!

    BB-8900 is expensive than E71!

    So just want to know what is Special Features in 8900?

    I am so confused!
    04-14-10 01:48 AM
  2. F0nage's Avatar
    The E71 is a very good phone but it is not as good for business as the 8900.

    All BlackBerrys use RIM's infrastructure for email and browsing. When you set up email on a Nokia, you have to specify how often to look for mail. On BlackBerry the phone never has to check for mail, when you have mail BIS will send it to you automatically.

    The 8900 has a bigger screen and much higher screen resolution than the E71, and a more powerful processor and more memory.

    The E71 can work with 3G, the 8900 can't. But if you have WiFi most of your downloads can be just as fast as downloading on the E71.

    If you are going to spend money you should research well to avoid disappointment.

    The E71 is going to be replaced by the E72 (which is already released) so that's why it's not very expensive right now.
    04-14-10 07:02 AM
  3. jgodin03's Avatar
    Did you tried web browsing and GPS on the nokia? Pretty bad!

    And if you think that rim app store don't have many app just take a look to Nokia's one!

    Use both phone for two or three days and you'll know why rim is the best!

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    04-14-10 07:06 AM
  4. F0nage's Avatar
    I'm not sure I agree with your facts but I agree with your conclusion.

    Web browsing: Nokia has a pretty wide choice of aftermarket browers including Opera Mobile, Opera Mini, Skyfire, Bolt, and more I forgot about.

    GPS is actually pretty good, and it has free Navigation and maps from Nokia. You can also use google maps.

    Still, if you use your phone for business, BB has better email and better radios, and I feel the keyboard is also better.
    04-14-10 07:37 AM