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    Hello all

    well i have a 8900 from t-mobile and have been having problems

    i use this phone at work and switch to storm 2 after so i dont risk damaging the storm

    anyways... the ball has been constantly sticking and the phone freezes often and have to hard reset the phone by pulling battery... this gets pretty obnoxious as it takes a few minutes to reset and what not

    but just wondering what constitutes a need for a warranty replacement as i've always paid for insurance and love the phone, but i cant just pop out the ball and clean it and this resetting is stupidly annoying
    04-23-10 03:48 PM
  2. filipinoy973's Avatar
    For the ball, yeah you'd have to do warranty exchange as it involves opening up the phone, voiding warranty. A quick-fix would be to lightly apply alcohol via q-tip to the trackball and roll it to get some dust out. But if it's serious then it would require disassembling the whole trackball assembly to clean each of the four roller sensor thingies.
    As for the freezing and resetting, what is your OS? Update to a newer OS. The latest official is 5.0.592, leaked is Godspeed

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    04-23-10 05:48 PM
  3. rbx0122's Avatar
    Sounds like that would be under warranty

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    04-23-10 08:03 PM