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    I am trying to connect to the Monilink site via a wap address to download the monilink software so I can access my bank accounts via my BB, only I can't. Every time I try a message saying:-

    "Unable to connect to the WAP gateway at the following address:
    APN: general.t-mobile.uk
    Port: 9201

    You may not currently be in an area covered by wireless data service or you may be in an area that does not allow access to the above gateway. If you are configured for more than one browser gateway, try selecting another browser configuration. If you are still experiencing problems, contact your service provider."

    I have tried battery pulls, resending books, downloading at home, away from home, all the different browsers and their configs. Now I'm stuck and I don't know what to try next, other than to call T-Mobile UK and see if its a network issue.

    Any advice would be great
    01-16-10 07:55 PM
  2. RolfWeber's Avatar
    Monilink on OS 4.6 is pretty straight forward to load on OS 5.0 settings have to be changed.
    The problem appeared after upgrading my 9000 Bold OS 4.6 to 9700 Bold OS 5.0.
    My device info: 9700 Bold running OS 5.0 on Vodafone UK
    To start if you already have Monilink delete it from your device and reboot.
    Once your device has restarted go to Options - the spanner - then advanced options then Browser.
    [Default Browser Location] is most probably set to 'INTERNET BROWSER'
    Change this temporarily to 'VODAFONE LIVE' and save.
    Then send the text 'BB' to 82428
    You will then receive a link.
    Click on to the link and you will then be asked to either use an existing account - if you had one - or create a new account.
    Although I had an existing account I thought it best to setup a new account to save any problems cropping up.
    You are then asked to choose your bank and then directed to download the software relevant to the bank your with.
    Setup your new account and don't forget to revert your [Default Browser Location] back to 'INTERNET BROWSER' in options.
    04-07-10 09:50 AM