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    User has a strange thing just start happening. When sending an email to herself, instead of putting her name it puts in Undisclosed Recipient. She will create an email (as a test) and in the TO row she can see her name. She clicks Send and when it arrives to her Blackberry, it does not show her name but Undisclosed Recipient. If selecting the row, it shows her email address. In Outlook, it shows her name fine and not Undisclosed Recipient. Any ideas?
    07-16-09 04:32 PM
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    This isn't an 8900 issue. Its more of a BES/Outlook issue, but more-so Outlook.

    Undisclosed Recipient in TO - Google Search
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    07-16-09 04:43 PM
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    She is though. I had her delete her own contact card and re-add it from the device.
    07-16-09 04:44 PM