1. ExploitS's Avatar
    If it's 6:20 local time it shows that on my browser when somebody makes a post. But if I use Bolt it goes an hour back and it makes it 5:20 and then it won't go back. I haven't changed time zones or anything like that so why does this happen?

    This happens on every forum.. Not just here.

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    04-15-09 06:26 PM
  2. lazerus's Avatar
    It could be a forum based setting, not specific to your handheld settings. Also know that Bolt uses a proxy (yeap all your browsing history is being collected, no biggie really) whose time settings may not jive with what your seeing. I see this with yahoo mail as well as myspace time stamps. In other words, its not you.
    04-15-09 11:52 PM
  3. ExploitS's Avatar
    I see. It's annoying because if I use OM after Bolt, it messes up the time too. If I go on my PC and save the settings again to my time zone, then everything is fine for a while and then it messes up.
    04-16-09 12:07 AM