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  • .133

    4 16.67%
  • .168

    20 83.33%
  1. shava9865's Avatar
    Just interested in knowing 1) why you upgraded from .133 to .168 seeing that .133 is a really stable OS and 2) which do you prefer: refer to poll

    I'm trying to decide which OS to install on my device and need your opinions!
    03-02-09 11:04 PM
  2. Bajanbastard's Avatar
    .133 is very solid. However i'm an update junkie and can't help it. LOL. So far so good. Better than 15X whatever that one was for sure.
    03-02-09 11:05 PM
  3. parlaminty's Avatar
    I updated from .133 to .168. Honestly, the only reason why i did it was in hopes of having better batter life. But i don't really notice any difference in anything from one OS to the next.

    my battery life is the same, my screen is the same, my lag is the same, my browser is the same speed.

    Overall, i am not noticing any of the "positives" that .168 is supposedly showing.

    To me, both operate the same. They are both great. I would suggest .168 since it is newer and hopefully there is something that they have improved upon that i can't quite figure out.
    03-02-09 11:25 PM
  4. hearmeoutx's Avatar
    I upgraded from .133 to .168 because I wanted to improve my battery life. I was barely getting a full day out of .133, but with .168 at the end of the day I am down to 70%! Huge improvement. I definitely think .168 is better. The browser speeds are much improved, a slight difference in the screen, no more lag in way with the OS, and just more stable in my opinion.
    03-02-09 11:57 PM
  5. aristile's Avatar
    .168 is great. Really responsive and definitely improved battery life.
    03-03-09 12:12 AM
  6. Protagonist's Avatar
    .168 is working very well for me so far. Fast stable and good battery life.
    03-03-09 12:32 AM
  7. gregerator's Avatar
    I still haven't had one of my "normal" useage days so I'm unable to comment on battery life yet. Signal strength is improved. Big deal for me.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    03-03-09 12:46 AM
  8. edkim4583's Avatar
    I upgraded earlier today and immediately noticed faster scrolling and app load/close.

    I have to wait to see about battery life...

    Definitly worth upgrading from .133
    03-03-09 01:38 AM
  9. hi5-ive's Avatar
    noob question, how can u check if mines .133 ?
    03-03-09 01:48 AM
  10. BrutalAngel's Avatar
    I updated in hopes of getting my ringtones back to where I can distinguish the difference
    between low, medium and high. I believe that .168 brought the ring levels back to where
    they should be (like in .114). Also, my battery life was good on .133 and has definitely improved
    on .168. I have 75% batt life left now, where I would have about 40% at this time on .133.
    Definitely worth the upgrade.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    03-03-09 01:54 AM
  11. BelowZero's Avatar
    Yea i went from .133 to .168 and now its worth having your BB as a MP3 player while your working, and still at the end of the day have battery life to still have a phone. I usually listen to music 6 - 7 hours a day while working. And on all previous OS's I would be down to 25% and red bar. Now it didnt get below 50%. So its kinda nice, to have your phone as a mp3 player, and still have your phone as a phone without recharging.
    03-03-09 01:59 AM