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    Hey guys,

    I got the first model of the 8900 when it was released from Tmobile and I upgraded the os to Well I was trying to receive a ring tone from a friend via through bluetooth and for some reason, my phone can't seem to accept nor send out anything... Does anyone here have the same problem? I'm thinking as a last resort to call tmobile and ask them about it. Thanks.
    04-20-09 11:11 PM
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    search the forums. i had the same problem, you have to go to menu and press accept or something like that...it has been posted on here. "In the Bluetooth options for each device, set it to "Discoverable," or "Shown to all." Most phones default to "Hidden."
    --Have one device search for other devices to pair with.
    --Enter the pairing codes (usually 0000 or 1234) into each device.
    The Curve will ask you if you want to remember the paired device for future connections. Choose yes or no.
    --On the receiving BlackBerry, go into the Media section, hit the Menu key, and choose "Receive via Bluetooth." (this step may differ on other phones)
    --On the sending BB, choose the file, hit the Menu key, and select "Send via Bluetooth." (this step may differ on other phones) It should ask which device (if you've paired more than one).

    --Put your phones down, walk away, find something to do. Bluetooth is SLOW."
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    04-20-09 11:19 PM
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    To receive any file on your blackberry, you need to go to Media > BB Button > Receive Using Bluetooth.

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    04-20-09 11:30 PM
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    I also dont understand why it takes so long to recieve a file...I thought it was not working correctly but is this just the time it takes to recieve?
    04-21-09 07:14 AM
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    OK All - I HAD the exact same problem as the initial post.... ie the Receive Using Bluetooth Option was not there.

    Now here is exactly what to do.....

    1. Turn on your Bluetooth.
    2. I set Discoverable option to YES to be sure of no problems
    3. Scrolled down to services and checked the 'Data Transfer' option.
    4. Go back to the Main Menu
    5. Select Media
    6. Select what you are going to receive - eg Ringtones
    7. Once in Ringtones, I selected 'All Ringtones' (This is because as the inital poster, the Option for Receive using Bluetooth was NOT there)
    8. Once at the screen where you see the list of your current rintones is - press the menu button and you will see the option to 'Receive Using Bluetooth'
    9. Your BB 8900 will then go into waiting for connection. (so start sending from the other device now)
    10. You may be asked for an access code - I used 0000 on both.
    11. You then have to select where you want the file to be saved on the BB and the transfer will begin.

    Here's the annoying part that may have caused people to think you were crazy.....

    ....After doing this once, I now HAVE the option direct from the Media main screen to 'Receive Using Bluetooth' which was what was missing in the first place!!!

    Let me know if this is any use to anyone and I will try and get a sticky noted on the Forum.

    Also if it helps diagnose why, I am on T-Mobile.
    04-24-09 11:49 AM
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    plz help me bro b/s i am stay in somalia how can i use a BB curve 8900
    App world plz send me tutorial video or good steps

    thank u bro
    01-23-13 02:03 AM