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    I am a phone junky. I always have to buy the latest phone not just for havn the new phone on the block but software and interaction. I went from the sony erricson clamshell smart phone with radio built in to it to the htc w710 slider with web and adobe and countless programs for windows to the curve 8310 in January.I am hooked on bb's. I signed a new one year contract to get special pricing on the 8310 in january. Four months later they get the new 8900 and I have to have it. They claim they did not now they were getting it and as many phones that I buy from them they would not give me special pricing for this one. Well now that I am on my second one because the track ball freezes up they want to send this one back to bb for warranty and they sent me a loner phone that is a piece of crap I feel like two months of free service doenst really satify me am I being a ****. This phone was 500.00 and they tell me it will take three weeks to get it back. Can someone sell me a iphone lol. Besides the trackball I think I need to bet a bigger sd card because now it seems to lag some. But this phone is pretty fat though.
    07-25-09 09:47 PM