1. kopi007's Avatar
    Please, help me to set a SMS rington on my Curve 8900.I don`t know how I should change the sms rington. In 3 days I could not find it out.
    I am very new in BB comunity, not very good english speaking....please keep it easy.

    Thanks, Karel
    07-01-09 10:12 AM
  2. ScottyJugs's Avatar
    goto profiles, edit profile.
    07-01-09 10:16 AM
  3. gtaryder08's Avatar
    do you have custom tones on your phone ?
    07-01-09 10:24 AM
  4. skullgame45's Avatar
    It's a little more complicated than that, Scotty!

    Go to Profiles>Advanced>select "Active" Profile. From there you will all options on what you can change. Keep in mind that whatever you set as your SMS tone, by default, will also be your voicemail tone.

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    07-01-09 10:24 AM
  5. kopi007's Avatar
    Thanks for very fast reply. It works. Can not believe that I haven`t seen it.
    07-01-09 10:26 AM
  6. fatboy97's Avatar
    07-01-09 10:26 AM
  7. kopi007's Avatar
    Thanks to everybody.

    07-01-09 10:27 AM