1. arab305's Avatar
    anyone using a screen protector ? if so which one and hows its quality ? im currently running a zagg on my storm and trying to figure out which one i want for the 8900
    01-26-09 09:33 PM
  2. shorynot's Avatar
    I will always buy invisible shield, i just prefer them more. IS for the 8900 will start shipping tomorrow (the 27th). The main thing i tell people with them is not to freak out if it looks really bad when you first apply it. Mine always look awful, bubbles all over and this weird cloud look to it. After 24 hrs it all irons itself out and looks awesome. Best screen protector, but a bit pricey imho
    01-26-09 09:58 PM
  3. Iceman's Avatar
    Nice info thanks for posting.
    01-26-09 10:00 PM
  4. 1tallaznballer's Avatar
    i ordered a zagg today too
    01-26-09 10:34 PM
  5. fins831's Avatar
    I ordered my IS last week, full body, don't know if I am going to use it all or just the screen, but it was 11 bucks with online coupon.

    If you surf the web enough, you can find a coupon for a certain percentage off.

    Got my 8900 today, love it
    01-26-09 11:02 PM