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    My apology if this has been asked/discussed before. Can anyone please confirm if Rogers' Data (APN) default is locked or unlocked upon arrival? And what about T-MO UK's one?

    I was informed by my carrier that Data (APN) must be unlocked by the phone's vendor (Rogers/T-MO UK, and etc), otherwise I wouldn't be able to use BB push mail by different carrier (while Voice is normally supported depends on GSM bandwidth i.e. Quadband, Triband) because the phone vendor's APN info will have to be replaced by my carrier's one. If APN info is locked by original vendor, then other carrier wouldn't be able to unlock it. This sounds like only original vendor can release the APN.

    Then what about the phone that has been unlocked (by third party not carrier) by the sellers? Voice will be unlcoked, but what about Data (APN) info? Does Data (APN info) really has to be unlocked by original vendor only?

    Please enlighten me..
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    You should be always able to change TCP setting on the phone, regardless of whether the phone is locked or not. But in order to use that carrier's data services, you need to have the right information in those fields.

    The settings ARE locked in the sense that you cannot have a Roger's SIM trying to access the data services of AT&T (with AT&T's APN settings) and vice-versa, but you're always able to change those settings to match your respective carrier.

    But ultimately, YOU are the one who has the power to change those settings.
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