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    Ok so I like the stock theme for the 8900, but I have one problem with it. When I change the blackground to something I want to look at, it only changes it for the home screen. Why is this? One thing I liked about my 8320 was when Id change a background it stayed that way on all screens, not the just home. Any way to change this without downloading a new theme? Id download a new theme (although there arent many to choose from), but most of them are "today" themes, which I personally dont care for.
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    03-03-09 12:22 AM
  2. aristile's Avatar
    That's just the way the stock theme was configured.
    03-03-09 12:24 AM
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    you can only change the home screen straight through your phone...the other screens are theme based...meaning you would have to download or create your own theme through plazmic, of which only the beta version is available right now
    03-03-09 12:25 AM