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    I just got a Blackberry 8900, I completely new to Blackberries, can't for the life of me figure out how to change the SMS sound/notification. Its on vibrate right now and I prefer an actual noise... Also, on my main screen, I have an envelope icon on the far left, next to that is my email envelope icon. I want the first one to hold just my Texts/MMS messages so I don't have to switch over to the sms folder every time I open that icon, is there a way to do this??Thanks!
    05-16-09 12:57 AM
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    Welcome to CB and congrats on getting the Curve.

    Everything you need to change all sound notifications is located in Profiles.

    I'm not quite sure exactly what you want with the email/SMS icons, but this should be of some help.

    Go to either Messages or the SMS folder and press the BB/menu button, select Options, then go to General Options. In that list scroll down to "SMS and Email Inboxes:" and set it to your choice of Theme Controlled, Combined or Separate.
    -Setting it to combined will have one icon for SMS, MMS, and Email, and setting it to separate will have a separate icon only for emails, and a separate icon for only SMS' and MMS'.
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    05-16-09 01:05 AM
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    If you need help adjusting profiles, check out the Blackberry 101 Lecture Series on this, it explains it step by step.
    05-16-09 01:06 AM