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    Once again we have been receiving PM's and emails from CB's asking us for some pictures of our skin design covering the new Blackberry Curve 8900. As promised, attached are photos of the PhantomSkinz pattern installed on a Display version of the Curve. I apologize that I did not have an actual phone to take photos of but since the phone has not been released in the US, it was hard to get. The pattern will not change as we have already installed it on various retail customer's Curves and the fit is great.

    Please click on the images to see the details. Our Full Body Kit contains 11 pieces and covers as much of the phone as possible. Again, check out the details and look at the chrome bezel protection. No air bubbles here! All 4 corners are protected which is the most damage prone area of the phone.

    I am also attaching a picture of our transparency that shows the coverage as an overlay on the phone.

    Prior to performing an installation, you should review our online video demonstrating the installation of PhantomSkinz on the Blackberry Bold 9000. It has numerous tips on installing patterns on phones just like this Curve.

    Feel free to ask questions, PM me, or post comments and I will respond.

    Thanks again for your interest. The skinz are in stock and have been shipping for over a week.

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    very nice ; >

    i like the fact that you have side coverage as well.. and the piece that covers the camera is a nicer design then some of your competitors..

    wish i knew about this before i ordered mine ; >

    thanks for sharing the pictures.. looks great
    01-27-09 11:10 AM