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    hi guys first off im totaly new to the blackberry . . . this is my prob . i got a curve 8900 off my cus and wanted it on o2 uk so payed for the imei code off ebay .. entered the code "code acceped" pops up . restart phone like the instrustions say and woh i have a signal . so i try to call and it says call failed . i get my sister to try call me and she gets "it has not been possible to conect your call " .... any help guys . ps im a n00b remmber lol thanks
    11-01-09 08:45 AM
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    Welcome to Crackberry.

    Let's first check that the code really was accepted.

    Go to Options, Advanced Options, SIM Card. Check that it says SIM Card: Security disabled at the top of the screen. If it does, the unlock worked.

    Now make sure that the SIM card is correctly inserted and well seated. You need to take the battery out to do this.

    Please check that the radio is switched on. Do this by finding the aerial-like icon, clicking it and then checking the Mobile Network checkbox.

    This should now result in the phone picking up an O2 signal.

    If none of this works, please come back here and we will dig a bit deeper.
    11-01-09 08:56 AM
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    hi there thanks for the fast reply .... mine says sim card : security enabled ?

    the guy sent me 3 codes ... 1st one said code error 2ed one said code acceptted ...didnt use the 3ed one hopes this helps

    right i pressed the alt button to get the min menu bit up and disabled it now it says disabled

    i have a O2 signal with edge next to it
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    Then the unlock did NOT work. Have a look at this post http://forums.crackberry.com/f157/ho...ckberry-26109/ to see if it will help.

    Here is what I did to unlock my old 8310. It should be the same for the 8900.

    Full unlock instructions are shown below.

    Yu need to buy and unlock code from a vendor. The unlock code is unique to each BlackBerry and the vendor will require the IMEI code and the device PIN. Bith these cane be found by going to Options, Status. Both these numbers are also unique to each BlackBerry.

    A Curve sample unlock code: 11223344

    Instructions to unlock your Blackberry phone.

    Warning! The Wireless Mode MUST BE OFF before
    performing the given SIM Unlock instructions in order
    to avoid causing the device from becoming defective.

    How to turn Wireless Mode Off:

    1. Scroll to the Airplane Icon (Turn Wireless Off.)
    2. Press Select.
    3. Wireless Mode will turn off.

    How to SIM Unlock the device:

    1. Go to the "Options" screen
    2. Select the "SIM Card" option
    3. Type ALT-MEPD (hold ALT key while typing the 4
    letters, M-E-P-D)
    4. Release the ALT key, it should then display a list
    "SIM, Network, Network Subset, etc..."
    5. To select "Network" type ALT-MEPE (since E is the
    key that gives 2 when shifted)
    6. Release the ALT key, it should then ask for the
    7. Enter the unlock code provided.

    Note: In case of difficulties when entering the code please try the alternative instructions below:

    Alternative Instructions how to enter the unlock code.

    ***** You must have a SIM card in your phone to complete these steps. We recommend to use the SIM card that your phone is currently working with *****

    1. go to settings

    2 go to options

    3. go to advanced options

    4. go to sim card

    5. Type MEPD (not case sensitive) ( you will not see text appear on screen while typing )

    6. Does it say Network active? if so your phone is locked

    7. Hold the ALT Key while typing in MEPE ( not case sensitive ) ( you will not see text appear on screen while typing )

    8. It will say "Enter Network MEP Code, then you type in the 16 digit unlock code, press in the jog dial to confirm

    9. Your phone is now unlocked.
    11-01-09 09:08 AM
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    hi again ... i got to step 4 and all the options are disabled ie sim network network sbu ... is this unlocked ?

    also typein in MEPE or mep2 as the guy who sold me the code says dose nothing NOW it did the first time i done it(when entering the code that said code acceppted)
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    11-01-09 09:21 AM
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    MEPE is the same key as MEP2. You just need to press the Alt-key to get a 2.

    You should type MEP2 but if that fails, try MEPE.
    11-01-09 12:28 PM