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    Hey guys, I am planning to buy an unlocked 8900 soon but I am quite nervous.

    Firstly, I'm not sure where to buy this online ( I live in Ontario, Canada )
    I was hoping to get the titanium international version. I think I saw one an amazon.com.

    Secondly, I'm nervous because of this warranty thing. If I buy it unlocked and don't get a warranty, and if I have problems with my curve 8900, I won't be able to get it fixed or replaced ( I think ).

    Thirdly, I'm thinking if I really need to get this phone or not. I just love its form factor and keyboard, but I am planning to have just basic voice and text plan, so I'm still wondering if its worth it for me.

    So really, I'm worried about the warranty issue.

    Any thoughts?
    10-31-09 01:59 PM
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    First, I'd buy an 8900 from the provider I was going to use one... you can also run into the issue that if you get it unlocked, the person that does the unlocking might not release the PIN and cause you other problems.

    If you're not going to get Blackberry with a BB Data Plan... why get one??? The data plan makes a Blackberry a Blackberry.
    10-31-09 02:38 PM
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    why get one???
    ...ok I'll try:

    BlackBerry devices have an excellent operating system and intuitive user interface, which is absent in many other smartphones in their (price) range. BlackBerry smartphones have excellent build quality and use high quality components inside (which definitely can't be said of most other smartphones). BlackBerry has a native desktop synchronization and management application for Windows and Mac. For the Linux user, Barry is an open-source and very mature project with the goal to provide Linux users a way to synchronize and manage their BlackBerrys (let's be honest, many other smartphones just aren't Linux friendly, thank you NetDirect for Barry!). Last, but not least, BlackBerry smartphones have excellent and very mature PDA functionality, which in my opinion is most important in a smartphone.

    Ok, I agree that BlackBerry got popular and was initially designed for e-mail. Push e-mail is great, but for some of us simply not the deciding factor whether we should go for BlackBerry or not. Being Java based devices, BlackBerry also is open to a host of different applications of games and this is something that makes the BlackBerry platform in my opinion a really great one. Data plan is not everything, besides with WiFi on the Curve 8900 one can enjoy free Internet access, now that is something really cool, isn't it?
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    10-31-09 02:47 PM
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    If I had to recommend a place to get an unlocked phone that is real business and legitimate Unlocked GSM Phones, GSM World Phones, Smart Phones, Cell Phone Accessories at MobileCityOnline.com, all the phones are unlocked and they ship to Canada..... At the prices you will be paying I dont know that paying on their site 400-470 for a phone for just voice and text is justified.....Good Luck though
    11-01-09 02:01 PM