1. ramaswp's Avatar
    I have a brand new Javelin 8900 from Vodafone India and I've been trying to get it unlocked for over a month now. DOes anyoen have any advice for me? PLEASE HELP.
    06-11-09 01:51 AM
  2. smrbb6's Avatar
    Please explain your problem.
    06-11-09 02:10 AM
  3. fatboy97's Avatar
    Either call Vodagone India and ask for an unlock code.... or do a Google search for unlock Blackberry Services... I believe there are a number of threads on this subject already.
    06-11-09 05:48 AM
  4. Username5300's Avatar
    Are you trying to unlock to use on different carrier? If so this place is pretty good at getting unlock codes. Unlock Cell Phone : Cell Phone Unlocking : Cell Phone Unlock Service
    06-11-09 05:57 AM