1. djchief's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    i just came from a MOTO krazr to the Curve 8900 and was wondering if any of you guys knew "how to" or if there is another method to have a warning BEEP to show that you have missed a call, have a text message or e-mail.

    On the moto's if you missed a call or had an unread text messages you would here beeps every so often to let you know you have something waiting on your phone. With the BB's i only notice that there is an initial beep and then you have the light idicator after that...any way to make BEEP's happen there after??

    12-12-08 02:29 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    No way to create it unless you want to use a 3rd party app such as..

    e-Mobile Alerts: Calls, Emails, SMS and more! - Personal Productivity BlackBerry Software - Crackberry Store
    12-12-08 02:45 PM