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    I had a pearl 8100 and had a memory card in it. The info was encrypted for safe keeping. I sold the pearl and got an 8900, now when i put the memory card in the 8900, it says the info is encrypted by another device and i need to put it in that device to see them.
    Is there a way i can get around this, since i no longer have access to the pearl?
    06-11-09 07:58 AM
  2. ClintRo's Avatar
    Shouldn't you be able to enter a password to get at the information? Can you load it on you computer and then re-format the memory card and add the data back on the card at that point? I think it would be best to do a format of the memory card on the new device anyhow, but that will wipe out all the data.
    06-11-09 08:25 AM
  3. lazerus's Avatar
    If u enabled encryption you're possibly scrude without the old Pearl around. Do what Clint sez. Drop it in a pc and try to format.

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    06-11-09 09:04 AM
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    lazerus... you are so ghetto!!!

    06-11-09 09:07 AM
  5. turbocharged's Avatar
    I copied the info off the card and formatted it, then put back on the info and still no go. Seems as if i really am screwed. The videos work, just not the pictures.

    Now checked too, some of hte videos were also encrypted and not working, along with all the documents and voice notes.
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    06-11-09 10:04 AM