1. justmalu's Avatar
    i thought I had a fairly smooth 8320 to 8900 transition, but now notice I cannot get my gmails on my phone. I sent one to the phone from the gmail acct and one from a yahoo account.

    I have my gmail address listed on the screen for getting the messages, but i am not getting them. Anyone know what I did wrong?

    I did search the threads, sorry if I missed it.
    01-27-09 01:52 AM
  2. justmalu's Avatar
    one more thing... i have a blank screen on Email Reconsciliation page. what is that?

    01-27-09 02:06 AM
  3. aristile's Avatar
    Maybe you need to resend your service books to your device.
    01-27-09 02:19 AM
  4. justmalu's Avatar
    thanks for you response

    in my impatience, i called tmobile, the guy helped me out.

    problem fixed, whew!
    01-27-09 02:37 AM
  5. aristile's Avatar
    What did they do to help you out?
    01-27-09 02:42 AM
  6. justmalu's Avatar
    before I called tmo, me device in setup only listed the setup wizard, set up wifi and set up wireless icons. I didn't even have the setup internet email option.

    He said he didnt even have an 8900 in his hands yet, so just going by their manual. I know one problem was I didn't change my pin, don't know if that helped with whatever he did, but when he walked me thru a second time, the Set up Internet email option actually showed up.
    I know that doens't really answer the question, maybe something on his end got fixed?

    I am really happy with the new device especially the wealth of info here on CB. I always check here first.

    01-27-09 04:06 AM
  7. aristile's Avatar
    I think updating your PIN did the trick.
    01-27-09 04:10 AM
  8. loyalty's Avatar
    yup, i had the same issue
    01-27-09 05:39 AM