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    I went to the 8900 fro the 8310 last night and i go to set up my email threw the portal, and i get nothing. I can log into the account put in the pin and IMIE but the settings wont port over to my new phone. Am i doing something wrong. If you can PIN me or put a message on here. PLEASE HELP.
    06-18-09 05:35 AM
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    anybody? Please
    06-18-09 06:31 AM
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    did u do the BB device switch wizard in Desktop Manager?
    06-18-09 06:35 AM
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    If you didn't do the device switch, you can restore a back up copy from your 8310 to the 8900. Also, you can send service books to your new device, any email you had set up for your 8310 should come to your new device.

    Send Service Books: Click your internet email icon (the envelope with a gear in front of it)> click service books> click send service books, or log onto your provider's website and send them from there.

    Sometimes you need to register a new device to log in to the send page.

    Register Device: Click options> click advanced options> roll down and click host routing table> press your menu key> select register now> click back and close.

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    06-18-09 07:03 AM