1. Jehosaphet's Avatar
    I'm selling it on Ebay, and realized that I need it to be compatible with the carrier of whomever may buy it!
    The original carrier was T-Mobile, and I've had it unlocked by someone who knows how to do these things..and now I have to configure it to be solely a GSM phone, and operating on the 2G network.
    As an aside...this is the way to make it compatible with other carriers, isn't it?
    This is my first post, and pardon for coming here with a question right off the bat, but any help would be greatly appreciated!
    05-15-09 02:30 PM
  2. erasat's Avatar
    If you already unlocked your 8900, that's all you have to do, the buyer will simply insert his/her SIM card and should be running in the buyers network.
    05-15-09 02:36 PM
  3. Jehosaphet's Avatar
    Oh okay, so it's different from the Storm in that regard? I'd get those unlocked and have to set it to "GSM", and then to "2G" in order for it to be able to make outgoing calls on a different network...
    Just making sure here...I don't want any upset buyers of course...those Ebayers are dang finicky sometimes =]
    05-15-09 03:43 PM
  4. erasat's Avatar
    Well I didnt know about the Storm, but for my previous Curve (8320) I just unlocked it, I sold it to an AT&T customer, she inserted her SIM card and was working immediately.

    A couple of weeks ago I tried my Unlocked 8900 with an AT&T Sim card and it worked in AT&T network without any issues.
    05-15-09 03:46 PM