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    The internet on my Curve 8900 is really frustrating me.

    It will work fine, and then it decides to stop working. Usually after a period of inactivity.

    I currently have it set to Wifi Preferred because when I'm at home I have it tapped in to my wireless router.

    Usually if I leave the confines of my house (thus the signal area) and return the internet no longer works. Also usually when I wake up in the morning it has also stoppped working.

    I can't get it to resume working again either unless I turn it off and take the battery out and restart. I've tried turning off all the connections and turning them back on, but only taking the battery out remedies the situation.

    In my connections I have a green check mark beside Mobile Network, but the green check mark doesn't show up anymore beside Wi-Fi unless I take the battery out.

    It's really frustrating me. Even if it does have something to do with my wifi, I don't see why it doesn't just use the mobile network if my wifi isn't working.

    Anyone know any possible reasons or solutions? Thanks.
    06-10-09 06:14 PM
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    More information:

    In Wi-Fi diagnostics in the UMA section it says:

    UMA Wi-Fi Available: green check mark
    Connection: red X
    Error Code: ISP or wireless network error

    I'm lead to believe that I'm losing a connection with my router for whatever reason, and then it's unable to reconnect and get a new IP address.

    In fact that is what's happening. Besides either resetting my router or doing a battery pull every time, is there a better way?

    06-10-09 06:33 PM