1. txt4nk's Avatar
    Well first off, I'll tell you there is no water damage or dropping of this phone. Its been workin like a champ up until tonight.. received a call and i couldn't hear anything, speakerphone works as normal, but the ear speaker does not. Anyone care to shed some light on how this could randomly happen w/o dropping or water damage?? Looks like i've got to change the whole midplate now.. which makes me extremely unhappy.
    02-14-10 10:42 PM
  2. Mister Xiado's Avatar
    8900 midplate is a motherfather to deal with, as unlike the 9000, it's barely there.

    I've found that audio components in RIM devices tend to frack off rather often... but not in my personal use. Curious. More investigation needed. To ebay for corpsephones.
    02-15-10 12:12 AM
  3. txt4nk's Avatar
    my 8300 lasted nov 07 to dec 09, not a single problem. i love my 8900 but this problem is really making me want to ditch it
    02-15-10 12:27 AM
  4. txt4nk's Avatar
    so i ordered a midplate.. this better fix it
    02-15-10 03:47 AM
  5. txt4nk's Avatar
    new midplate goes in tomorrow.. crossing my fingers..
    02-19-10 04:39 AM
  6. txt4nk's Avatar
    midplate fixed the problem. I dont know what happened.. the only thing i can guess is the contacts from the midplate to the ear speaker messed up somehow.. either way oem speaker is still in place, midplate replaced and it works like a charm. also the midplate was so simple.. took 5 minutes..
    02-24-10 03:59 PM
  7. TheHK's Avatar
    Hi there, I am surprised to hear that it the midplate replacement was so simple. Can you please post instructions on how to replace the speaker?
    03-13-10 07:55 AM