1. Manolitoo's Avatar
    Ok here is my problem,
    I bought a BB curve 8900 and the device is from t-mobile.
    Now i have a license running at Vodafone.
    I can call and use internet but the problem is now i cant ping with my friends and use MSN.
    Vodafone says the device is locked by t-mobile...
    and that i have no chance to pin with my friends now...
    The device is alrdy sim-unlocked.
    i also wiped my whole BB and tried to put vodafone software in it but it wont work it still shows t-mobile...
    how can i erase t-mobile from my pfone!
    somebody help plz....

    P.S sorry for my bad english i hope some1 gets it...
    09-16-09 05:51 AM
  2. aristile's Avatar
    You need to get a Blackberry specific Data Plan on your account for those apps to work correctly. Also, it sounds like your phone is unlocked but in case it is not, check out the "Unlocking" link in my signature.
    09-19-09 12:14 PM