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    I turned on my phone and when i did that there are random lines that go across the screen and you can see a little of the background and if you press down a little on a certain part of the screen some line will go away. But on the top half there is still a bunch. I could see enough of the screen to do a full wipe from the hand held that did not work, tried a battery pull, did not work, I did not drop it either and there is not cracks in the screen i was changing and i through my pants on the carpet but I do not think that would do anything it was in a pocket. Should I try resetting from the computer any tips, all help appreciated.

    I also contacted SN Traders about the phones warranty and they told me that my 15 day warranty was up and the i had to contact the manufacture about the one year warranty but when i did that i was told that my warranty was void because it is unlocked, so i called SN Traders and they told me send them an email so the owner could look at my problem but i think they did that just so i would leave them alone...What shall I do....help please very appreciated.
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    I would contact RIM again if I were you that phone is definitely defective and you need a replacement. Also keep trying to see if SN Traders will help you out. Keep attacking the problem from both ends until one of them helps you out.
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    Call RIM and don't tell them that is it unlocked, if they ask u tell them u don't know what is unlocking. Tell them that u bought it few days ago and now it is not working.

    "One more thing these phones r unlocked by code ,unlocking by code does not void the warranty"
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