1. vikesh's Avatar
    When I use to have a iPhone I had this program called iCall:

    iCall - Make and receive free phones calls on your computer, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Web Browser

    Let's you make free calls to Canada, and US from anywhere in the world. This was great when I was in the UK.

    Is there anything similar for the Blackberry?
    02-24-09 10:44 AM
  2. morfy50's Avatar
    I've yet to find anything that provides TOTALLY free internet/VoIP calling for the BlackBerry. I don't think it exists.

    All the options seem to be geared towards iPhone or Nokia phones.
    02-24-09 10:51 AM
  3. aristile's Avatar
    I think there is Skype. Its either free or really cheap and there is an app for the Blackberry you can download for it. I'm not sure of all the details as I didn't look into it too much but I know it is available.
    02-24-09 01:24 PM
  4. Shailesh Gandhi's Avatar
    but hw to download skype on my bold 9900
    12-20-12 02:45 AM
  5. inan's Avatar
    Skype is only available for BB phones from Verizon.
    12-21-12 06:56 AM