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    Okay, so I have searched high and low, and messed around with my BB until I have driven my husband crazy. I can't figure this one out. Before anyone provides any input, I should advise I am not *that technical*....so type like you're teaching a 5 year old.

    About 2 weeks ago I woke up, pulled my phone off the charger, and everything was gone. All my music, photos, ringtones, everything. I have no idea what happened in the night, but poof! Anyway, I went to the t-mobile store, got a device to plug my media card into the computer and was able to recover everything. However, ever since then, I have no ringtones. Or well, I have them, but they won't play. When I re-download them from T Mobile and try to save them in media/blackberry/ringtones it tells me the file is not found, even though it is clearly there. So, I have no idea where these ringtones I am downloading are saving, if anywhere. Right now, I'm stuck in creepy pre-loaded ringtone ****. Any suggestions??
    11-01-09 08:05 PM
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    So you are opening up Media, pressing the Menu button, clicking on Explore, Media Card, Blackberry, ringtones... and then you do not see your ringtones... is that correct???
    11-01-09 08:11 PM
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    No, not exactly. When I open "my ringtones" I can see them all sitting in there. But they won't play. I get an "error" message about playing the media. So, I was going to just re-download the ringtones I paid for from T-Mobile, but when I do that and go to "save" the downloaded ringtone in my ringtones folder, it tells me that there's an "error--document not found." It's confusing the heck out of me. When I plug the phone and/or the media card into the computer I can see the ringtones folder there.....so I don't know why I can't save to it.
    11-01-09 08:17 PM
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    Just because you can see the ringtone files in the folders does not mean they work or are good files... you said yourself that you get an "error" message when you try to play them... why don't you either move them onto your PC temporarily or delete them... then download them again... double check your path on where you are saving them... you might be trying to save them to your device instead of on your Media Card.
    11-01-09 08:38 PM
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    Thanks. Yes, I deleted them. The issue is that I can't get them back. When I try to save them after re-downloading them from T-Mobile, it tells me "file not found" (or document, I'm not sure which). And I am trying to save to the media card. I even tried to save to the Music file instead of ringtones, still doesn't work. I know the ringtones themselves are good files, as I downloaded them right from T Mobile and they used to work, no problem.
    11-01-09 09:21 PM
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    All right... You need to get to know your device better... I recommend you start with the Blackberry 101 lessons... There is a link under "Blackberry Help" at the top of every Forum page... There is also a link in my signature in my post above, but not here since I'm on my BB right now.

    There is a specific lesson on Ringtones... How to download and use them... Please read that.

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    11-01-09 09:29 PM
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    Sigh. Thanks for trying to help. I think I am just not explaining this well. I am extremely frustrated. I know how to download ringtones. I know how to save ringtones. I have never had this problem before. The ONLY problem I am having is storing downloaded ringtones. The tutorial doesn't address the problem I am having. But I do appreciate your input.
    11-01-09 09:53 PM
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    Try to backup your Media card to your computer, format it and then try to download the ring tones to it again. If that still does not work, you want to try out another media card and see if the problem is with the card itself.
    11-01-09 09:56 PM