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    I have two email account which I restored from my old Pearl. One of the email account works fine. The other one, however, does not receive my email. I have tried deleting then reentering the email account information, battery pulls, soft resets, rechecking the settings, etc. to no avail. The intriguing this is when I do go to the TMobile website where I can configure these addresses as well there is an "Advanced Options" tab for this address whereas there is not for my Gmail address. It has the options of entering the email server, etc. The port is currently set at 110 without SSL checked.

    Does anyone have any input? It worked fine on my Pearl. Thanks very much!
    05-15-09 07:25 PM
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    Nevermind- it just started working for some reason!


    Thanks anyway everyone.
    05-15-09 07:30 PM