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    Hello guys.
    Recently I was given 8900 which is "dead" for year or so. So far looks like mobo problem but I need some help with something.

    First of all, no, i don't have another battery or device to swap so i can't try different parts to see which is faulty. So I'm just mesing with this device.

    Afc, it won't charge and battery is completely dead. I opened device, and no water or any kind of damage by eye. I have traced some voltage accros mobo, but I need someone who knows is there some fuse or something. Like i said, some juice is present after USB plug, and SIM pins are under power. Same thing with cradle pins, part of mobo under power with SIM pins also.

    I'm looking for some kind of schematics, but my guess is that there is nothing floating around.

    I would like to try to fix this device, my booth 8310 are ready to go to "greener pastures" and afc, i don't have enough money for new device.

    Sorry for bad enlisch, as you can see, its not my native
    11-30-11 06:55 AM
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    You could look for a tear down video on YouTube or google.

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    11-30-11 03:43 PM
  3. Targyen's Avatar
    I have looked some of them, but they just give general specs, nothing specific about mobo. At least, videos i have found.
    12-01-11 06:02 AM
  4. Targyen's Avatar
    Well, first one is still dead, now ppl have supplied me with two more with same problems. Keeping it short, I do have idea I want to try but I need small help xD
    Is there good soul with working 8900 and multimeter/voltmeter who is willing to measure pin voltages on device? Basically, I want to jury rig charger for battery to see will it kick any of the phones in life or at least in red LED error. Thy
    10-30-12 06:46 AM