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    Have an 8900, opened it up this morning and my contacts are gone. I know they are there, it shows there is 1043 on the Options/Default. When I open the Address Book, it shows Business. I can switch the Filter to Personal and nothing still shows. I can compose an email, text, etc and it will display them as I am typing in the To: field. I use BB Desktop Manager and sync them to Outlook and they are all in Outlook. I also backup the device automatically on a weekly basis. I have never categorized them and by looking at previous posts, this would be one reason nothing is displaying. I have tried categorizing them all to Personal in Outlook and syncing but still the same. Any other ideas? BTW, I am on with a regional carrier called LongLines, no BIS/BES, etc., just a wide open 89000 that allows 3rd party apps.
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    You need to uncheck both filter boxes.
    11-21-09 12:13 PM