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    its a tossup for me>

    im looking at the ipwn 3g, htc fuze, 8900, and 9000>>
    help me out.. iphone haters need not apply, i have had a very indepth chance to get full use of a hacked iphone and they are amazing once modded and corrected..

    anyone used the newer HTC's with touchflow?
    what are the differences in the 8900 and the 9000? other than camera..
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    Sorry, but this has been discussed over and over again...

    9000: 3G, faster processor
    8900: camera, screen resolution, more flash memory for apps, and I think the size is an advantage.

    They both have Wifi and GPS.
    12-12-08 09:07 PM
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    so the extra memory is better for apps?
    what is the advantage of the faster proc?

    dont they even out?

    fast proc+slow ram=
    faster ram+slower proc=

    why not just have a best of the best? god i hate always having to get the newest tech!
    12-12-08 10:56 PM
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    Best thing I had heard from someone was that if you need your BB for business then get the Bold... if you buy your BB for personal use then buy the 8900 Curve. Just because the Bold has a faster processor does not mean the 8900 is really slow, they did upgrade the processor on the 8900... it's just not as fast as the Bold's... and with more memory the 8900 will be great to load more personal apps like facebook, google maps, more themes, etc.
    12-13-08 03:10 PM
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    Ive had several iPhones of the 2g and 3g variety, and had a few Winmo devices as well. Here's my take on them.

    Windows: Be prepared to dig thru a million menu items to get what you want. Also be ready to wait thru the slowdown and hang ups it has.

    iPhone: Fun media centered toy that only gets better with jailbreaking but still however lacks some depth and quite franlky loses its luster after a lil while.

    That being said I always end up going back to the BlackBerry. Love it and still think its the better platform.
    12-13-08 03:24 PM
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    I think the main reason for the processor in the Bold to be faster, is to help process the 3g data, that comes in at an extraordinary rate. This was a known problem of the 8707, and, the reason it did not fare well.

    That being said, it follows that a faster processor will use more battery life, hence the decision to just throttle it down a little in the 8900, since there was no need to process 3g data.

    The extra 100mHz ro so difference on the Bold than the 8900, translates to very little itme differences in real world app usage.

    I have both the 9000 and 8900. I see a small difference in speed, but, not too noticeable. The only time I notice it, is on boot up. Blackberrys always seem to have a lot to "do" on bootup, and, a lot of sorting to do, and the Bold does it faster. But, once the devices have all their initial sh*t sorted, the 8900 might run 5-10% slower, in the smallest of cases. My bootup of Nintaii seemed the only thing I noticed as slower on the 8900.
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    Very usefull info guys thank you.

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