1. chauhan7's Avatar
    i bought a replacement keyboard because my old one was wobbley and was doing my head in, so when i recieved it, the keyboard was solid and didnt move one bit, but now this ones started to move up and down !! is there a point to ask for a replacement?
    05-30-09 01:43 AM
  2. AnimalPOP's Avatar
    they all do that, it is normal for the phone
    05-30-09 12:07 PM
  3. theanswer3's Avatar
    honestly I know some have gotten phones that it doesn't do it and some are better than others, I think it is a design flaw more than anything. After seeing Clints tutorial on taking the 8900 apart and taking my own apart I can see why the keyboard might move. I don't think its a big deal unless it impedes your typing.
    05-30-09 02:25 PM