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    Hi all,

    I did a wipe of my phone about a week ago because I had switched to the iPhone and was going to sell my BlackBerry, I decided to return the iPhone and go back to T-Mobile. My account with T-Mobile was reactivated yesterday, I imported my backup file back into the phone and all was well...until I went into my mail folder (I keep all my E-Mail accounts in a folder titled "E-Mail) and all my Yahoo! mail accounts was now using the default/standard BlackBerry E-Mail icon...before I did the wipe all my Yahoo! E-Mail accounts always had the icon with the purple "Y" (I believe it was purple anyways or was it the folder that was?) Anyways I can't seem to get the icons back. I've removed the E-Mail accounts, re-added them, I've done service books, register...everything and they will not come back.

    Before I never had to do anything to get them, when an E-Mail account was added to my phone within seconds the icon would change automatically to the Yahoo one...I never had to do anything. Now that doesn't seem to be the case.

    Any ideas? I don't like the standard icons, they are ugly.

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    The same thing just happened to me on my replacement device,I was on the phone with rim and they said theres nothing they can do.
    04-14-10 09:32 AM