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    I am new to this and haven't had a blackberry before. I have bought a blackberry and had it unlocked from the previous carrier. I have received a new sim from Vodafone and now can access the internet but cannot make or receive calls.

    Has anyone got any ideas?
    05-15-09 10:33 AM
  2. fatboy97's Avatar
    First, click on Manage Connections. Do you have Mobile Network checked and does it have the name of your network next to it in Green lettering???
    05-15-09 10:38 AM
  3. Rosiesweets's Avatar
    Yes has Vodafone in green. Thanks
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    05-15-09 10:40 AM
  4. fatboy97's Avatar
    Are you getting any network signals on your phone... upper right on most themes... does it say EDGE, edge, UMA, etc... then what is the signal strength... you can do a Alt + Right Shift + H... scroll down to Signal Strength... it should be something with number with dBm following it... negative numbers are good.
    05-15-09 10:46 AM
  5. Rosiesweets's Avatar
    Hiya, Yes i am getting gprs, one and a haif bars signal strength is -107dBm.

    Many thanks for your help with this.
    05-15-09 10:54 AM
  6. fatboy97's Avatar
    I'm running out of ideas... have you done a battery pull??? To do this you leave it running, take off the battery cover on the back, remove the battery, leave it out for 20 seconds, put the battery back in, let the 8900 boot up (usually 2-3 minutes)... then try it again.

    If this does not work I think you need to call your cell phone provider and talk to them about your issue... it sounds like it should be working.
    05-15-09 11:00 AM
  7. Rosiesweets's Avatar
    Thank you very much, i will try the batterry pull and ring the provider if necessary.
    05-15-09 11:07 AM
  8. erasat's Avatar
    Well I don't know there but here in Puerto Rico with T-mobile service, -107db is a very poor signal, poor enough to not allow phone calls.
    05-15-09 04:09 PM
  9. fatboy97's Avatar
    Sorry, here is the bar values:

    1 bar ~ -102 to -120 dBM
    2 Bars ~ -93 to -101 dBM
    3 Bars ~ -87 to -92 dBM
    4 Bars ~ -78 to -86 dBM
    5 Bars ~ -40 to -77 dBM

    But I've make phone calls with 1 bar... as long as it does not say SOS you should be able to make a phone call.
    05-15-09 04:20 PM
  10. erasat's Avatar
    I know it should allow to do it, but it's not always like that, when device begins jumping between SOS-GPRS-EDGE in a very week signal spot, it can cause CALL FAILED a lot, like it does to me.
    05-15-09 04:23 PM
  11. fatboy97's Avatar
    The OP states 1 and a half bars and gprs... no sos... I guess we should wait to hear from them.
    05-15-09 04:29 PM
  12. Rosiesweets's Avatar
    I think i may have worked out what the problem is but do not know how to rectify the problem. The blackberry was originally on Orange. I was given an unlock code which has got me this far. When i turn on the blackberry the orange logo still appears. Have tried a hard reset but the same happens. May be time the blackberry went out the window.
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    05-16-09 05:23 AM