1. Crackberryphill's Avatar
    In the midst of all the hype over the new OS 5.0 build leak today, I decided I'd try this one out to see if there were any more improvements from the last 5.0 leak. Not to go into another story, the install went fine but i decided not having Facebook and Viigo wasn't worth it, so I down graded back to .250.

    When I got back to .250, my SMS texting would only let me send messages but not receive them, and I'm not talking about not being able to see them or get to the icon, they simply aren't getting to the phone. (SMS was working before and while the 5.0 OS was installed). Everything else, including email, works fine.

    I've pulled the battery, sent service books, changed my theme, etc... I'm stumped!

    Thanks in advance for your help and thoughts!
    07-27-09 10:41 PM
  2. aristile's Avatar
    Downgrade back to a 4.6.1.x OS. That's my advice to you.
    07-27-09 10:51 PM
  3. Crackberryphill's Avatar
    After messing with it almost all night, OS .250 is fine, but for some reason in the firewall settings, even though the firewall's overall on/off switch was set to off, the check box next to "SMS" was checked for some reason!

    All I had to do was uncheck the box and all was good once again. Not sure why those settings could be active even though the firewall itself was off. Strange!
    07-28-09 10:36 AM
  4. vinmontRD's Avatar
    Was about to post re the firewall. I ran into this also, and posted here and on a couple of forums re the firewall. Apparently the default settings are wrong for the firewall in this release. I've already compared notes with at leat 4 or 5 others today who had the exact same issue.
    07-28-09 02:00 PM
  5. Bongiwe Sibisi's Avatar
    Please help me . Am using blackberry curve 9300 and my problem is my phone cannot receive text messages but am able to sent them and delivery. I called my service provider and they said there is nothing wrong on their side its must be my phone

    Please help as there is an important message that I need to view

    Bongiwe Haselihle Sibisi on facebook
    04-05-13 01:35 AM