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    Alright, I want to buy my sister an 8900 to upgrade her AT&T 8310, but I am confused as to how to buy it for $50 through wireless.crackberry.com...

    I simply want to upgrade her phone and keep whatever current plan my family is using but it is only giving me the option to "Select a Plan"... What do I have to do to keep the same plan?

    If I buy this how does that affect the service through AT&T stores... e.g. when it comes in will I be able to bring in both phones and have them transfer contacts and so on? Also what will come of the warranty? If the phone breaks can she bring it to an AT&T store and have them send it out to RIM or do I have to deal with wireless.crackberry...?

    Sorry if these questions seem mundane I just don't want to buy a phone for cheap and get roped into a fine print contract or agreement.
    07-28-09 09:26 PM