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    I know this may not make sense to you guys, but I don't want a data plan. I am looking mainly for calling and texting, but I want the Curve 8900 because it's easier to text and has a nice camera with flash. I will have access to wifi for most of my time anyways.

    If I buy the device only from Rogers.com, does that mean it's unlocked? Will I be able to get the $25 100min anytime + unlimited weekends and text plan from Fido to use on this phone?

    I am thinking of doing this because I care more about unlimited text than having more minutes, and Fido offers a cheaper way to get that. Also, Fido doesn't have the $8/mo service fee that Rogers has.
    12-12-08 08:03 PM
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    You will still need to get the Rogers phone unlocked ... You can get an unlock code within 3 hours here:
    Blackberry : HorizonWirelessOnline.com - Horizon Wireless, The World’s Cellular Repair Center
    12-12-08 11:34 PM
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    At least on ATT in the US they won't let you do that with a BB. If you have a BB you can't just have a messaging plan like a standard (err "normal"? lol) phone, they claim it needs a data plan since this is what it uses to send sms/mms messages. My wife tried it with a Pearl and no go. That was their explanation.

    While I'm not sure if it's BS technically speaking I do know that once they realize it's a BB sending and/or receiving the sms/mms messages they will tack on the data plan. Ask me how I know that
    12-13-08 12:31 AM
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    Interesting uberspeed, thanks for sharing. Since I currently have this Bold (and soon hopefully an 8900) I gave my wife my 8310 and she is only using it for voice and SMS only - no email, internet, etc. We did not upgrade her plan at all. I am with Centennial currently so I will see what, if anything, they tell me on this. However, as far as I know, the SMS and voice do not go through the Blackberry servers at all and that is just something the sales reps are programmed to tell you at the time of the sale. If anyone else has more information on this, please share.
    12-13-08 12:42 AM
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    you can, i did it on an unlocked curve before
    12-13-08 01:31 AM
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    Its probably also worth noting that I manually turned the data setting to "off" to be sure that no data services (internet, email, etc) were used on the phone.
    12-13-08 01:54 AM
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    You know, maybe I should try booting up the ol' 8100 again and just for a test sending and receiving SMS.
    MMS I would think would fail right off the bat, just a guess. It would be an interesting test though. I'll run it tomorrow and report back!
    12-13-08 02:17 AM
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    I've got another question. If I decide to go with Rogers, they have a promotion right now online. $179.99 if you get a $45 Voice + E-mail plan.

    I want the Smartphone with Data and My5 for $45. Do I have to pick one of the Blackberry labelled plans? They are worse, because they don't offer the 500MB of data that the regular Smartphone plans offer.
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    12-13-08 02:27 AM
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    you can use the 500mb version on blackberry, notice that on rogers.ca it says suitable for all smartphone which is very misleading, if you go to wirelesswave website, it clearly states that a blackberry/smartphone data plan.
    12-13-08 05:51 PM
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    To report back...

    I took my SIM card out of my Mot K1 and dropped it into an old 8100 I have. I was able to make calls (expected) send/receive SMS messages (expected) and send/receive MMS messages (unexpected). Just an FYI. We'll see if my bill has any surprises.
    12-14-08 01:51 AM
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    Did you manually DISable the data in options?
    12-14-08 02:35 AM
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    I'm actually going to just buy a Curve 8900 on Rogers. $45 smartphone with data plan I guess. Any chance I can get them to give me call display for free?
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    12-14-08 02:39 AM