1. JoeD's Avatar
    Can someone please help me to get my God-forsaken Bluetooth to work. Once I have paired it with say, my computer, when I then try to send a file it says 'this device does not have the necessary services'.

    Any ideas?
    Thanks for the help in advance guys.
    04-01-09 02:41 AM
  2. dabbill's Avatar
    Blackberry's are very secure devices, have to tell them to receive a file via blue tooth before you can send a file to them. Go to where you want to save the file on the device, and hit the menu button, the select receive using blue tooth. Then click send on the other device or computer.
    04-01-09 03:10 AM
  3. JoeD's Avatar
    Thats great, thank you very much.
    04-01-09 08:05 AM
  4. defcon3's Avatar
    This is what we all want, security

    I cannot, to this very day, understand how is it not possible to transfer CONTACTS over BlueTooth from other brands to BB? Not even business cards. Any $20 Nokia / SonyEricsson does that out of the box.

    Not even when I have BT enabled, receiving, visible... I simply CANNOT transfer *any* contact from *any* other phone into my BB. Tips anyone?

    Thank you!
    04-01-09 08:33 AM