1. sibex's Avatar
    i have a blackberry 8900 ... i had to have mine replaced due to a fault. my new handset has been registered with my provider which is Orange all the services books are up to date. on my previous handset when i went on to the brower it took me straight to the blackberry home page where you could for instance download a few freeringtones pic's etc etc etc and you could go to certain sites i.e if i went to the sports section it to you to another page where you could access the bbc site or the espn site well with my new phone when i try to do that i get the following message

    thanks for visiting http//mobile.blackberry.com

    your destination to get free stuff for your blackberry smartphone

    such as themes,wallpapers,ringtones and more, unfortunately your

    current device and/or browser are not compatable for this site

    Any suggestions please?

    08-25-09 05:22 AM
  2. yns5's Avatar
    I have the exact same pbm. When i open my BB browser, the home page goes to a "Non-BlacBerry Page!" which Simon described in his post above.

    I have full data service: i can visit any other webpages and receive/send my emails no pbms.

    I have read up on this pbm and tried the empty cache/history + battery pull solution, but the pbm still remains.
    Everything else works great.

    My 8900 is up-to-date via DM 5.0. i'm running v4.6.1.206 plateform

    Please help. Thank you.

    08-25-09 06:21 AM
  3. sibex's Avatar
    Hi yns.

    Which network provider are you using?? are you on Orange too?


    We are going to just use this one thread for these issues.....

    08-25-09 06:37 AM