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    I cannot seem to enter into my phone as the keyboard does not seem responsive. I have a lock on my phone and now I cannot seem to be able to select the unlock, emergency or call options. I cannot select unlock to enter my pin, or even select cancel. Seconds later the screen automatically goes to by analog clock and alarm. When the alarm goes off, I cannot turn it off or dismiss it either.

    The scroll ball only moves up and down the menu but does allow me to select anything, but I can't even use the power button to turn on or off the phone. I can't seem to select the letter U either to unlock the phone... And sometimes it just stays on clock mode...without allowing me to go to unlock menu.

    As soon as I unplug the phone (whether it is fully charged or charging) seconds later the screen turns off. But as soon as I plug it in again the screen reappears....but often stays at the clock or unlock menu without letting me enter any #s or letters

    Any suggestions?
    Thank you
    12-14-11 08:24 AM