1. vllssv's Avatar
    Any 8900 owners coming from 3G devices like the Bold or Iphone? I heard that the 8900 is "snappy" enough and with the wi-fi, that you really don't miss the 3G all that much..
    07-07-09 12:06 AM
  2. TayJones13's Avatar
    in the coming week i am swapping from my iphone to a 8900... i am worried that i wont like it an think ill be outa luck... does the wifi drop randomly or is it pretty solid?
    07-07-09 12:12 AM
  3. LuisT's Avatar
    The WiFI does not randomly drop - its definitely solid. I personally don't miss 3G that much, but it would be nice to have.

    07-07-09 12:31 AM
  4. berryite's Avatar
    Any 8900 owners coming from 3G devices like the Bold or Iphone? I heard that the 8900 is "snappy" enough and with the wi-fi, that you really don't miss the 3G all that much..
    Other than my car, where I don't need 3G, I basically have access to UMA/WiFi and have profiles set up for the haunts I frequent. My 8900 switches to UMA/WiFi as soon as I get anywhere I'm going to need access to data.

    I really don't know if I had 3G where I'd use it because I find UMA/WiFi to be so reliable.

    Heck, it's almost getting to the point that the only time I connect to T-Mobile's cell towers is in my car. Anywhere else I go, I'm usually on UMA.
    07-07-09 12:42 AM
  5. ClintRo's Avatar
    I played with a few of the G1 devices my friends have and have not noticed much of a difference!!

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    07-07-09 12:45 AM
  6. tracksforhire's Avatar
    i caME from the G1 and dont miss the 3g at all
    07-07-09 12:46 AM
  7. anon(767240)'s Avatar
    I have the bold the the 8900. I am on wifi most of the time so 3g becomes useless. I find the wifi antena of the 8900 better than my bold's.
    07-07-09 01:12 AM
  8. Xpimp's Avatar
    When I'm home I usually connected to WiFi anyway, so it makes no difference to me with either device. 3G was never a huge selling point for me to begin with.
    07-07-09 01:16 AM
  9. neil74's Avatar
    Went from Bold to the 8900 last week.

    The 3G on Orange was pretty average anyway so I am not noticing a big difference, there is a difference though and as somebody else said it would be nice. The other benefits of the 8900 though imo more than make up for this. I'd also say that on the Bold wifi seemed quite underwhelming, wifi on the 8900 is very quick.

    It is just nice having a handset as poweful and functional as the 8900 in something the size of the normal phone, in the hand the Bold always felt a bit chunky, the 8900 feels just right.
    07-07-09 04:34 AM
  10. chinkybaldguy's Avatar
    i just went back to the 8900 from the bold for the third time!! haha.

    for the amount of browsing i do, i dont really need the 3g, but like everyone else the wifi makes up for it! and i really dont notice a difference with 3g and edge on the 8900. comparing a 8300 to 8900, i do notice a difference with the speeds on the browser.
    07-07-09 05:49 AM
  11. ebelville's Avatar
    I have both an 8900 and Bold and honestly, you wont miss it. Actually being on EDGE will give you the better battery life advantage.


    07-07-09 07:58 AM
  12. ray_t's Avatar
    I had the Helio Ocean before I got the 8900, I gotta admit I don't mind trading 3G for WiFi and multitasking.

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    07-07-09 08:06 AM
  13. r.santa1's Avatar
    I went from bold to 8900 last week. Web thing is not an issue and I do like the battery lasting alot longer.

    I have noticed a couple areas in hills where i cant make calls and i could on 3g bold. must have had better 3g in that area that 8900 cant pick up.

    Overall happy with it...my innocase 360 is being shipped today!
    07-07-09 09:17 AM
  14. ohgeez's Avatar
    I had a G1 until about two weeks ago. My wife and son still have their G1s.

    I have WiFi at home so when I'm there, its all good. I do admit I miss the speed of 3G (a little) when I'm out-and-about but the 8900 does well on EDGE.

    The three of us have done side-by-side test (when not at home) and you can see the difference but like I said, it's just seconds slower and not minutes. Even at home (on WiFi) the G1 is still a little quicker and that's with both G1s WiFi on.

    But overall, I love the 8900 so much more than the G1.
    07-07-09 02:22 PM
  15. vbev84's Avatar
    Left the bold, for the 8900 very nice Transition. Did a browser test with both devices and 3g beat EDGE pretty easily. Keeping the bold handy though, but I do love the 8900's feel and the phone is amazing.

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    07-07-09 02:55 PM
  16. Username00089's Avatar
    I use both a Bold and 8900

    Wi-Fi is connected all day at work on both anyway.
    07-07-09 02:59 PM
  17. j0seph's Avatar
    i caME from the G1 and dont miss the 3g at all
    Same here, switching to a 8900 later this week.

    07-07-09 04:11 PM
  18. stephen1108's Avatar
    I came from the Blackjack 2 and I do miss 3G at times due to the fast speeds, but I've gotten used to it. I can't wait for Skyfire to be released though, because it seems as if I can't use the BB Browser at times without the phone restarting.....
    07-07-09 04:19 PM
  19. BigDanny's Avatar
    i just switched over from the storm, and I haven't really noticed the difference, but then again I'm so glad to have a phone with buttons again that I could care less
    07-07-09 05:12 PM
  20. Stormy Daze's Avatar
    Had a 3G 8330 and I'll admit it's a little faster in some areas. But you wont miss it, I dont. The wi-fi is even faster than both, so when i'm home I use that. It not worth all the fuss.
    07-07-09 10:44 PM
  21. Gravymark's Avatar
    I really really miss the 3g speeds. Inferior edge speeds just drive me insane. You'd think 10 second difference wouldn't be noticeable but damn it sucks.

    The 8900 is a good device tho but I can't wait to go back to 3g in a few months. If I had wifi access everywhere I went I probably wouldn't care but in my line of work and city I don't have wifi access anywhere at all.

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    07-08-09 12:35 AM
  22. misfitpierce's Avatar
    I've had many 3g phones like the ericsson flip and samsung slider 3g and the nokia 6263 flip 3g phone etc etc. But the EDGE is fast enough on epc portal and with wifi which I have everywhere including paid att wifi at starbucks and everywhere I really don't miss it. The cpu in 8900 and high ram count render the pages super fast also so I love this thing so much that I could care less. It works super snappy and don't care about 3g, would rather have my 8900 over anything atm. Love way more than g1 and iphone 3g unlocked that I had!

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    07-08-09 12:39 AM