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    I have a problem logging into AIM. Every time I try to log in it says "Unexpected error- Sign-in again if you are signed out due to this error." I wasn't signed out to begin with. Anyway, I tried uninstalling and re-installing it with no luck - same error comes up. I also tried logging in with another sn that i never used, and that worked fine...

    Is anyone else having this problem? And/Or what do I do to fix it.


    By the way, i tried to delete a post (I must have accident clicked on the bold forum to post about this problem) and I cant delete the post ( well, I cant find the option to do so..). So if someone can let me know about deleting post, since i looked everywhere, thatd be great.
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    I had this problem but your post just reminded me to see if it was still not signing on , looks like its working again , but I had the same error the whole nine yards

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