1. AboveNBeyond's Avatar
    Hello all,
    So I sorta have this strange thing going on... I just got the 8900 and installed right away so I can't say if it is OS related or not.

    What happens is say if I do not touch the BB for some long'ish period of time, maybe 10-15 min... when I then go to use it the screen is blanked like normal hut nothing wakes the screen except to hold the "end call" button for maybe 3-4 seconds, then the screen wakes.

    Anyone ever see this?
    03-12-10 12:56 PM
  2. AboveNBeyond's Avatar
    OK so I think i have learned more about what is going on...

    It's Sleep mode I believe it is in, but the only way I can seem to get it to wake is to hold the power down for a few seconds...

    That is not right is it?
    03-13-10 10:23 AM
  3. kcurve's Avatar
    This is not right! Ever since I loaded an "official" 5.0.411, when I wake up in the morning after the 8900 has been charging and in Sleep Mode after using the alarm, I wake to the white screen. The only way for me to end this is by doing a batt pull - Every Morning! UGH.
    Any suggestions? I'm sure that it is the os, do I need to upgrade to get rid of this issue?i
    03-13-10 11:49 PM