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    I tried a sim from another carrier in my 8900 and it didnt work, when i put my original sim back in i get a message saying "your current sim card requires an unlock code would you like to unlock it?" what does this mean? and how do i fix it?

    i just paid for an unlock code and everytime i enter the code the phone freezes and when i do a battery pull i get the same message about my sim card requires an unlock code.
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    04-14-10 10:19 AM
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    Your old sim doesn't need an unlock code...try reinserting it...or you might need a new one

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    04-14-10 11:14 AM
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    i tried another sim from the same carrier and i get the same thing. when i insert the sim it asks me if i want to unlock it then i get to this place that says enter network MEP and i have 10 tries, after i enter the code i paid for the phone freezes then i have to do a battery pull and same thing happens again.
    04-14-10 11:24 AM